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Below is a list of Farmscan Ag Manuals available in PDF format.

Each category contains a series of manuals. e.g.: 1100 Speed/Area Meter will be found under the 1000 Series table.

1000 Series

1007PWheel Sensor Kit
1009PTailshaft Sensor Kit
1010Shaft Sensor Kit
1020Air Seeder Head Blockage Monitor Kit
1021Secondary Head Sensor Kit
1022Low Bin Sensor Kit
1025Wireless Airseeder Blockage & Flow Monitor - INSTALL
1025Wireless Airseeder Blockage & Flow Monitor - OPERATOR
1025Wireless Airseeder Blockage & Flow Monitor - QUICK GUIDE
1036Electronic Standby Kit (Discontinued)
1037Mechanical Standby Kit (Discontinued)
1100Speed & Area Meter (Discontinued)
1100BNZSpeed & Area Meter – Battery (OEM)
1200Tacho Meter (Discontinued)
1400Flowmate (Discontinued)
1400RFlowmate Remote (Discontinued)
1500Tank Batch Meter (Discontinued)
1501Engine Shutdown Kit (Discontinued)
1502Solenoid Shutdown Kit
1550Spray Rate Monitor (Discontinued)
156012v Spray Pump Controller (Discontinued)
1850PICO Depth Indicator (Discontinued) V1
1850PICO Depth Indicator (Discontinued) V2

2000 Series

2405Section Controller – 5 Section (2400)
2400PSpray Controller Proportional Control) v3.0
2400PSpray Controller Proportional Control) v4.0
2400DCSpray Controller (Direct Control) v4.0
2300SSpray Monitor v4 (Series 3) – Touch Panel only
2300Spray Monitor MKII (old Style with cal/operate switch)
2300Spray Monitor MKII V3 (old Style with cal/operate switch)
2200SSurveillance Monitor (Simplicity 3x)
2200RFMSurveillance Monitor (Ryan Farm Machinery)
2200JSSurveillance Monitor (John Shearer)
2200HBSurveillance Monitor (Horwood Bagshaw)
2200GSurveillance Monitor (Gason)
2200/8Surveillance Monitor (8 Shaft)
2200Surveillance Monitor (Standard)
2199Digital Scales – 120kg (Calibration Guide)
2188Digital Hay Moisture Probe with Calibration Clip
2179Windrow Moisture Tester
2178Baler Moisture Tester Plus
2178-SoftwareBaler Moisture Tester Plus Software Update (v1.3)

Software HERE
2177Baler Moisture Tester
2166Digital Grain Moisture Meter (MKII)
2167Digital Grain Moisture Meter PLUS
2155Digital Grain Moisture Meter MKI
2100Grain Loss Monitor
2085Pressure Sensor (3X00) 0-20Kpa
2080Pressure Sensor (2200) 0-20Kpa
2077Engine Shaft Sensor Kit (50-9999RPM)
2076Shaft Sensor Kit (1-1500RPM)
2070Engine Temperature Sensor Kit (40-120c)
2070Engine Temperature Sensor
2060Bin Level Sensor Kit
2034Pulley Sensor Kit
2031Flow Sensor Adapter Kit
2030Turbine Flow Sensor
2025Pressure Sensor Kit (0-2500kpa)
2015Pressure Sensor Kit (0-500kpa)
2008PProximity Sensor (Brown/Blue)
2010PProximity Sensor (Blue)
2009Tailshaft Sensor Kit
2002Wheel Sensor Kit
20002000 Unimeter
24V1 (UVC)Spray Controller 24V1 3 & 5 (UVC Version)
24V1 (MAKATO)Spray Controller 24V1 3 & 5 (Makato) - Quick Guide
24V1Spray Controller 24V1 3 & 5
22C6Liquid Controller (Single Rate)
22C5Unitrol Spray Controller
22C4Unitrol CX Series
22C2-NSpreader Control (Norrish)
22C2Spreader Control
22C1Gate Adjuster (v4)
22AAMS22AAMS (Europe)

3000 Series

3000GRMCanlink 3000 Grape Yield Monitor (MMC Version)
3000GYMCanlink Canlink 3000 Grain Yield Monitor (MMC Version)
3000VRCCanlink 3000 Variable Rate Control (MMC Version)
3000VRC v4Canlink 3000 Variable Rate Control v4 (MMC Version)
3000ALCanlink 3000 Airlink (MMC Version)
3013GPS Speed Sensor
3500VGSCanlink 3500 Visual Guidance System
3500GRMQGCanlink 3500 Grape Yield Monitor (Quick Guide)
3500GYMCanlink 3500 Grain Yield Monitor
3500SGSCanlink 3500 Spray with Guidance
3500VRCCanlink 3500 VRC (Standard)
3500VRCQGCanlink 3500 VRC (Quick Calibration Guide)
3500VRC-GCanlink 3500 VRC (GASON)
3500VRC-HBCanlink 3500 VRC (HORWOOD BAGSHAW) v5
3500VRC-SCanlink 3500 VRC (SIMPLICITY) v5
3500VRC-MCanlink 3500 VRC (MORRIS & GROUND DRIVE) v5
3704VRC Smart Switch Box
37XXSpray Smart Switch Box
3100 & 3109Quad Screen & Multi Camera Kit

Jackal Manuals

Jackal v1.0 (Orange Case)Jackal Manual v1.0 (MKI v0611)
Jackal v2.0 (Black Case)Jackal Manual v2.0 (MKII v1207)
Jackal v2.0 (Black Case)Jackal Manual v3.0 (MKIII v2409)
Jackal v3.0 (Black Case - Grey Screen)Jackal Manual v4.0 (MKIV v2017) - Basic
Jackal v3.0 (Black Case - Grey Screen)Jackal Manual v4.0 (MKIV Feb 2018) - Monitor
Jackal v3.0 (Black Case - Grey Screen)Jackal Manual v4.0 (MKIV Feb 2018) - Control

4000/Primo Series

Product DescriptionPDF
Primo 400 Primo 400 Manual (English)
Primo 400 (EU) Primo 400 Manual (Italian)
Primo 400QG Primo 400 Quick Guide (English)


G6G6 Geosuite PCAvMap Website
G6G6 Geosuite MACAvMap Website
G6G6 User ManualsAvMap Website
G7G7 Quick GuideAvMap Website
G7G7 "On Board" User GuideAvMap Website
G7G7 Connection GuideAvMap Website
G7 - Unit ID 1005 (Check via System Menu)G7 Software (v3.6.0R) - 22/12/2017Download AvMap
How To Guide
G7 - Unit ID 1008 (Check via System Menu)G7 Software (v3.6.0R) - 22/12/2017Download AvMap
How To Guide

AgGuide v4

AgGuide v4.2AgGuide Manual v2009
AgGuide v4.2-4.3AgGuide Guidance, AutoSteer, LevelGuide Manual v2014 (0304)
AgGuide v4.5Guidance & AutoSteer (Excludes Specific Add on) v2015

5300NGBoom Sensing Install Guide
5002Farmlap1 Button Box
5002-10Farmlap1/2 10 Button Box – Black
5002-10CFarmlap1/2 10 Button Box – Coloured
Farmlap1 – 1.4Quick Guide – Farmlap 1.40A2
Farmlap1 – 5400Install Guide + Farmlap1 User Guide (English)
5207Install Guide ABS – 5 Section
5210Install Guide ABS – 10 Section Generic
5209-HInstall Guide ABS – 9 Section Hardi
Farmlap SeriesHydraulic Steering Install Guide
Farmlap SeriesDealer Steering Install Guide
Farmlap Series5206 Automatic Boom Switching Installation, Setup and User Guide
Farmlap2 Series5500, RT4000 and 3500 Flexi Steer Hardware Installation Manual
Farmlap2 SeriesFarmlap 2 Operation Manual
Farmlap2 SeriesFarmlap2 Auto Steer Settings
Farmlap2 SeriesFarmlap2 Quick Guide
Farmlap2 SeriesFarmlap2 Import/Export Quick Guide
Farmlap2 SeriesFarmlap2, RT4000 & Canlink 3500 – 5206 SS Automatic Boom Switching Installation Guide

7000 Series

74V174V1 Spray Controller v5 (02/18) - 13mb
73007300 Spreader Controller (Draft)
75007500 Seed Rate Controller (Draft)