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Auto Steering

Coupled with very latest in GPS receiver technology we have a Hydraulic or on wheel solution for all your farming operations. Today’s farming operations command high quality, accuracy and reliability. To gain maximum productivity and profit, Farmscan Ag offers ‘hands free’ system systems designed specifically for Australian farmers and conditions, to produce the best results everytime.


On wheel assisted steering


FlexiSteer MDU 4

Farmscan Ag - FlexiSteer

Easy to Install on 700+ Vehicles

Farmscan Ag - FlexiSteer - Clamp

Easily move the MDU from one vehicle to another

Cost Effective & Quick Setup

The FlexiSteer high-toque, positive gear drive eliminates performance loss caused by wheel slip typical of friction motor steering systems. And, its “super quiet” through operation. With the optional Flex kits, the FlexiSteer can be quickly and easily transferred across multiple vehicles with no tools required to install or remove.

Lock on & go – Hands-Free

Operators can focus on the task at hand while performing seeding, spraying, spreading, or harvesting with greater accuracy, covering more ground faster and more efficiently.

Cost Effective

FlexiSteer is the cost-effective solution to hands-free GPS assisted steering that eliminates skips and overlaps, lowers fuel consumption & dramatically reduces operator stress and fatigue.

Quick & Easy Install

With its unique split-gear design, FlexiSteer doesn’t require removal of the steering wheel. FlexiSteer simply clamps on and off for fast, easy installation and quick transfer across multiple brands and types of vehicles – tractors, sprayers, spreaders, or harvesters.

Great Reliability

The high-torque, positive gear drive system delivers the turning power needed to control the most demanding agricultural vehicles. It eliminates performance loss caused by the wheel slip typical of friction motor steering systems. It also eliminates catching or pinching of operators’ fingers between the friction motor and steering wheel.

Super Quiet

In addition to delivering positive, reliable steering, the precision electro-mechanical drive is extremely quiet while in operation.

Terrain Compensation

FlexiSteer also delivers better performance based on our own terrain compensation technology that leverages off some of the most advanced inertial sensors in the ag industry.


This all depends on the type of GPS and signal type coming into AgGuide. This can range from sub meter corrected signals through to our RTK 2cm solution.


FlexiSteer is developed to work with 2WD & MFWD tractors, 4WD articulated tractors, harvesters, sprayers & spreaders. (Over 700 Vehicles)

Planted with FlexiSteer – Cecil Plains 2015

Planted with FlexiSteer – Cecil Plains 2015

Steer Direct Kit (SDK)

Farmscan Ag’s Steering Direct Kits (SDK) are adaptable to most makes of tractors and harvesters.
Using CANbus technology to communicate with the vehicle's inbuilt steering sensor and hydraulic system, the Steering Ready Kit is the back- bone that enables AgGuide to steer the tractor without any further add-ons.
Talking CANbus

The Farmscan Ag Steer Direct Kit (SDK) connects AgGuide directly to your tractor’s CANbus, creating a simple and accurate steering option that’s both affordable and easy to install.

When you connect directly to the CANbus (Controller Area Network) on your tractor, AgGuide communicates directly with the existing Wheel Angle Sensor & Hydraulic Valve that are already factory fitted on your tractor.

Tractor Examples

So of our most recent installs include:

  • AGCO – Massey Ferguson
  • CAT/AGCO -Challenger MT
  • FENDT/AGCO – 930 Series
  • AGCO – Massey Ferguson
  • CASE/AUSTOFT (Tracked)
  • CASE/AUSTOFT Harvester (Wheeled)
  • SOME JD Tracked Vehicles
  • CNH – Supersteer/Puma
  • LEXION – Header
Easy install & Setup
  • The SDK is easy fit & install
  • Utilise existing factory fitted hardware
  • Single cable connector

Steer Ready Kit (SRK)

Farmscan Ag’s Steering Ready Kits (SRK) are adaptable for use on most makes, models and ages of tractors and harvesters, enabling you to choose the tractor you need, without being locked into certain brands or being forced to upgrade.
Ideal for new & retrofitting tractors

Tractor or Vehicle not steer ready? No Problem! Our specially designed hydraulic block and wheel angle sensor can be added to allow complete precision to most vehicles.