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GPS/GNSS & RTK Receivers

Farmscan Ag invests in the best technology to enable you to have the highest degree of accuracy and less downtime, resulting in higher productivity.
Access to both GPS & Glonass satellites will significantly decrease the number of dropouts, therefore improving productivity and the reliability of systems.
Powered by NovAtel Inc, our choice of GNSS & RTK receivers offers you the very best accuracy levels to suit your farming needs. From FREE to air with GLIDE, 4cm TerraStar-C, 40cm TerraStar-L & RTK +/- 2cm pass to pass, year to year, we have a repeatable option to suit your needs.

Free to Air & Subscription

We offer a range of NovAtel Smart antennas that are high precision GNSS receivers that include a board level GNSS receiver and GNSS antenna integrated into one compact enclosure. Talk to us about the entry level FREE to AIR receivers and full subscription based TerraStar SMART 6L series to help your operation – we have a solution to keep you covered, 24/7. All our receivers are compatible with older Farmscan & AgGuide series of hardware & software however please check with us first – just in case!


Novatel Smart6-L


120 Channels
GPS & GLONASS (Standard)
Single Point L1 (1.5m)
Single Frequency
GLIDE™ technology
STEADYLINE® technology
Choice of NMEA Output

Can be upgraded to TerraStar for a FEE + Annual Subscription

Paid Subscription
TerraStar-L (40cm) Optional Upgrade
TerraStar-C (4cm) Optional Upgrade


Novatel Smart6-L


120 Channels
GPS & GLONASS (Standard)
Single Point L1/L2 (1.2m)
Dual Frequency
GLIDE™ technology
STEADYLINE® technology
Choice of NMEA Output

Unlocked to

Plus Paid Subscription
TerraStar-L (40cm)

TerraStar-C (4cm) Upgradeable


Novatel Smart6-L


120 Channels
GPS & GLONASS (Standard)
Single Point L1/L2 (1.2m)
Dual Frequency
GLIDE™ technology
STEADYLINE® technology
Choice of NMEA Output

Unlocked to

Plus Paid Subscription
TerraStar-C (4cm)

* As part of the Australian Government’s National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI) Capability, Geoscience Australia is leading a test project of a Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for the Australasia region from the 1st June 2017 until 31st January 2019.

The project will see Australia and New Zealand join countries such as the United States (WAAS), Europe (EGNOS), Russia (SDCM), India (GAGAN) and Japan (MSAS), which have all invested in infrastructure that delivers satellite-based corrections via an SBAS.

Current testing at Farmscan Ag has shown an average of 40-60cm repeatability.

High-Precision GNSS for Precision Agriculture & Farming

All NovAtel receivers provided by Farmscan Ag have the ability to be unlocked with the following features . . .


NovAtel CORRECT™ with PPP utilises TerraStar’s premium correction data delivery to provide solutions with high accuracy and instant re-convergence in challenging conditions. The corrections are delivered over L-Band directly to your NovAtel receiver without the need for additional base station infrastructure.


  • Multiple service levels available (depending on receiver unlock)
  • Corrections delivered via satellite direct to end user
  • GPS + GLONASS corrections
  • 1 month, 3 month and 12 month subscription durations


  • Improves accuracy and performance of solutions
  • Reliable positioning even in difficult environments
  • Simplifies equipment needs by eliminating a base station
  • Sole source for GNSS hardware and corrections

 Service Levels

Performance TerraStar-L TerraStar-C
Horizontal Accuracy1 (RMS) 40 cm 4 cm
Vertical Accuracy1 (RMS) 60 cm 6.5 cm
Convergence Time2 5 min 30-45 min

1. Calculated from 7 day static data in Calgary. Accuracy will vary with observing conditions.

2. Convergence times may vary by several minutes and are dependent on observing conditions including number of visible GNSS signals, level of multipath and proximity to obstructions like large trees or buildings. In ideal conditions, receivers can converge to 50cm in less than 5 minutes, 20 cm in approximately 10 minutes and full accuracy in 30-45 minutes.

For more information on NovAtel CORRECT click here


GLIDE™ technology offers superior pass-to-pass performance for applications, such as agricultural guidance, where relative positioning is critical. Users see significantly fewer positioning jumps and less than 1 cm position differences from one epoch to the next.


  • Works with single and dual-frequency solutions
  • Auto-detection mode to automatically switch between dynamic and static modes
  • Runs with GPS only or GPS + GLONASS
  • Works in all code positioning modes, including Single Point, DGPS and SBAS


  • Provides position smoothing for accurate pass-to-pass performance
  • Ideal for agricultural and machine guidance systems
  • Pass-to-pass accuracies of better than 50 cm in areas with no SBAS or other wide area correction services

Single-Frequency GLIDE
Our GLIDE technology offers users of autonomous L1 code positioning superior stability previously available only for dual-frequency carrier phase solutions. GLIDE combines L1 code and phase data to produce a smooth positioning solution well suited for applications such as agricultural guidance.

Dual-Frequency GLIDE
NovAtel’s new dual-frequency GLIDE improves the absolute accuracy of the GLIDE position and creates a robust solution resistant to the effects of high ionospheric activity. GLIDE works in all code positioning modes, including single point, DGPS and SBAS.


STEADYLINE® Smooth Positioning GNSS Firmware

NovAtel’s STEADYLINE technology reduces position jumps that can occur when a GNSS receiver changes positioning modes. This effect is especially evident when a receiver transitions from a high accuracy RTK position solution to a lower accuracy solution such as PPP (TerraStar), DGPS, SBAS+GLIDE or even autonomous GLIDE™. Smooth transitions are extremely important for precision agricultural steering applications where sudden jumps are disruptive.

  • Works with RTK, PPP and autonomous solutions
  • Three types of accuracy modes available to optimize steering performance
  • Allows user to set accuracy levels for reporting operational, warning and out of bounds limits


  • Smooths transitions between changes in position mode types – reduces position jumps
  • Ideal for agricultural and machine guidance systems

STEADYLINE internally monitors the position offsets between all the positioning modes in the receiver. When the current positioning mode becomes unavailable, the receiver automatically transitions to the next most accurate positioning mode. To handle the transition, STEADYLINE supports multiple accuracy modes including Maintain, Transition and Prefer Accuracy.

RTK/Subscription Vehicle Rover

Today’s farming operations command high quality, accuracy and reliability to gain maximum productivity and profit. Our purpose built, customisable & flexible Rover gives you the option to do this 24/7.

RTK or Subscription Rover

Built be design! Our RTK rover houses both the NovAtel GNSS receiver board and a 450-470Mhz Satel UHF radio.

Customers also have the option to customise their rover to include a TerraStar or NTRIP subscription and then upgrade to RTK later on as your farming requirements change.

A single outlay of equipment allows you to:

  • Reduce costs & user error
  • No more wasted chemical, fertiliser, seed, labour, fuel and machinery hours
  • No more inaccurate planting
  • Minimise crop loss caused by manual inter-row spraying and cultivating
  • Reduce compaction

RTK Rover Installed in a Vehicle

Fixed or Portable Base Station

RTK offers precise corrections year in and year out.
The Farmscan Ag base station is rugged by design & gives outstanding performance even in the harshest conditions.

Our long range radio option transmits up to 15 km radius from the base station (line of sight dependant). The extra power “punches” the signal through tree lines and provides coverage in undulating terrain. Farmscan Ag also offers the option to add a radio repeater to access particularly difficult areas behind hills and very dense tree lines.

All our base stations are powered by NovAtel with GPS & GLONASS enabled and fitted with a 450-470Mhz Satel radio. We do have 900Mhz options available for use, however please contact us to discuss your options. (An ACMA licence is also required for your frequency allocation and will be discussed with you during the sales process.)

Our Base Station is designed to be easily moved or used in a fixed location. Permanent 240v is required for fixed location and a trickle charge battery power supply is provided in our standard kits. 

Portable option

The portable base station allows farmers with multiple farms to easily move the base to whichever farm they need to work from. Once the base is set up in a field or permanent position, several vehicles are able to operate from it at the same time. Solar panels can also be added to the battery setup when used as a portable base. We recommend a deep cycle battery be purchased when used as a portable base.

Farmscan Ag Portable & Fixed Base

Increase efficiency

  • 24 hour operation of costly plant and equipment
  • Straight as die rows
  • Maximise planting area and minimise overlap
  • No missed weeds in unwelcome guess rows
  • Keep beds in the correct GPS position year after year
  • Reduced driver fatigue
  • GPS & GLONASS as standard
  • GLIDE & STEADYLINE enabled
  • TERRASTAR subscription also available 

Farmscan Ag Portable Base Station connected to a solar panel & backup battery.

Farmscan Ag Fixed Base Station connected to 240v & backup battery. Permanent GPS/GLONASS antenna plus UHF on mast