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Affordable, easy to use, highly reliable and accurate moisture content results every time


The all round dependable performer is our 2166 Grain Moisture Meter. 40 Grain types, moisture and temperature readout plus adjustable calibrations are just the start.


The non-compaction Digital Grain Moisture Meter PLUS unit features a direct readout for 20 different grains without pre-weighing. Moisture, temperature & weight, all-in-one!


The 2178 with multi-sensor technology takes readings on the left and right side while baling hay with square or round balers. Multi-sensor technology provides greater overall accuracy.


The 2188 hay probe provides consistent moisture and temperature tests to ensure quality bales that are safe to store. Suitable for large and small square or round bales


The all NEW Advanced Hay, Straw and Silage Tester with stainless steel probe. Automatic density compensation, built memory & continuous reading as you probe. Plus more...