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Jackal Monitor & Controller Kit – Build Your Own

Jackal Monitor & Controller Kit – Build Your Own

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The Jackal is a compact, robust multifunctional monitor & basic spray controller that adapts onto any machine. Performing simultaneous tasks, recording trips and alarm outputs the Jackal is a truly outstanding device that every farming operation should have.

Here are a few of the many functions possible

  • Area Meter
  • Tacho Meter
  • Flow Meter
  • Batch Meter
  • Batch controller
  • Rate monitor
  • 3 Section Spray Rate Controller
  • Level monitor
  • Counter
  • Pressure sensor
  • Depth meter
  • Wheel slippage

3 Levels of Unlock


  • 2 Ports unlocked – 1x Speed/Area & 1x Tachometer


  • All Ports unlocked for Monitoring – No Control Outputs


  • All Ports unlocked for Monitoring & Control

The Jackal is capable of monitoring and controlling 6 functions simultaneously.

With appropriate sensors attached the Jackal can display simple speed, area & RPM to providing a full 3 section rate control for liquid applications. A single Jackal can do it all!

A total of 12 ports available which are split between monitoring and control functions.

Sensors are simply terminated into the rear of the unit or a handy 5m + 5m Jackal harness can also be provided.

There are multiple trip counters as well as an overall total allowing the operator to track numerous jobs in a period of work.
The Jackal can be put ‘on hold’ by the operator or by a suitable signal switch from the machinery implement.

Great features include

  • Easy wizards for fast setup of Area & speed Meter, Area & speed meter with GPS, Tacho Meter, Flowmeter, Slippage Meter, Spray Controller & Generic Wizard
  • 1UP, 2UP or 3UP line display – Your choice of up to 3 lines per screen (page)
  • LIVE data as you scroll through each page
  • Ability to short name each port. i.e. label Sha 1 as SF1
  • Set high & low alarm points for each input
  • Enhanced Trip function for single & cumulative
  • The ability for each input used to display information using imperial and metric units.
  • Your choice of number of decimal places
  • Arrange front page to your liking…. You select what you want to show on each line
  • Auto calculate or manually set calibration factors External run/hold or alarm function
  • Quickly enable/disable ports without losing settings for next time usage
  • Optional Radar function output
  • 3 Section Rate controller with the ability to automatically & manually control a flow control valve , 3 sections plus dump valve

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  1. admin

    “Harvesting subterranean clover would have to be one of the most unappealing jobs going around, so anything that makes it easier is more than welcome. This year we kitted out two units (2 tractors pulling 3 harvesters each) with Farmscan monitors. I had researched various makes and models and nothing competed with Farmscan for our situation. The gear had to be tough as we are dealing with the three main ingredients for breakdown – heat, dust, and vibration. We equipped each harvester with a bin level sensor and a thrasher shaft sensor all linked to a Jackal monitor in the tractors. We have been that impressed with the durability and ease of operation of this system, and it has helped no end monitoring thrasher speed to match conditions. Farmscan have been a pleasure to deal with, and helping me design the system and doing it the most efficient way.”

    Andrew Lock
    F.B. Lock & Sons
    Sub Clover growers
    Naracoorte SA

    Clover harvester in action

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